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According to the regulations of the Republic of Belarus, all foreign citizens entering this country or passing through this country to a third destination should possess a valid medical insurance.

You can buy a medical insurance at any border control post on the Belarusian border. Besides, there are representatives of Belarusian state insurance companies at country’s airports and main railway stations. The process of getting medical insurance will not take long. You will have to pay US $1 for a one- or two-day insurance, $5 for an insurance card valid for up to ten days and $85 for a year insurance card.

A foreign citizen may buy insurance during his/her stay in Belarus in any insurance agency of this country. When leaving the country a foreign citizen will have to show the insurance card to a customs officer.

In case a foreign citizen applied for a Belarusian travel agency to organize his/her trip, the agency undertakes buying insurance. An insurance card is effective on the territory of Belarus around the clock during the stated insurance period.

Home » Rules of stay » Insurance