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Cathedrals and churches

Svobody Square, 3

Blessed Virgin Mary roman catholic church

Built in the second half of the 17th – early 18th century. A wonderful Baroque-style monument, the church is located in the centre of the city.

Sovetskaya Street, 15

Sts. Simeon and Elena roman catholic church

Built in 1908-10, this beautiful New Roman-style asymmetric basilica of a sophisticated shape has a 50 m high bell tower.

Kal'variyskaya Street

Roman catholic Kalvariysky church

The church was built in 1839 (on the site of a wooden one) and reconstructed in the late 19th century. It is a New Gothic-style monument.

Rakovskaya Street, 4

Sts. apostles Peter and Paul cathedral

Minsk’s oldest church that was built in 1611 to honor Sts. Apostles Peter and Paul thanks to donations from 52 people of which were nobility and other dwellers of the Minsk province. The church has been restored; its towers have been canopied while the later-built structures attached to the facades have been removed.

Kirilla and Mefodiya Street, 3

Holy spirit cathedral

Formerly a Roman Catholic Church and Bernadine convent, it was built according to the Vilnius Baroque style. Laid in 1642 and completed in the 18th century, the cathedral is a valuable monument of Old Minsk. Six columns divide the inner room into three naves. The mid nave, traditional for basilica-type temples, is considerably wider and higher than the lateral ones. The iconostasis has a number of marvelous icons including the Our Lady wonder-making icon that miraculously appeared on the Svisloch bank back in 1500.

Kiseleva Street, 42

St. Maria Magdalena church

Founded in 1847, the church has an octagonal bell tower and a magnificent dome. To the left of the Maria Magdalena Church, there is the John the Baptist Fontal Church (consecrated in 1995), and to the right is the All Belarusian Saints Chapel. Also, on the site of the church there is a monument commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Minsk Diocese and archpriest Mikhail Buglakov’s headstone.

Nezavisimosti Avenue, 44

Holy Trinity roman catholic church (Troitsky Zolotogorsky St. Roch roman catholic church)

Built in 1861 – 64. The church’s main sights are the ancient Our Lady with Jesus icon and the miracle-working statue of St. Roch. The church features a modern electric organ and a chamber music hall.

Home » INFO Minsk » Cathedrals and churches